Our Mission

Fort Wayne is blessed with a wide array of gifted cancer doctors — medical and radiation oncologists, hematologists, surgeons — as well as top-notch hospitals and treatment facilities.

But no matter how skilled our medical community is at treating cancer, successful outcomes depend on timely adherence to  treatment protocols, which often require patients to make multiple visits over multiple weeks to one or more locations. This poses a real hardship for many: they can’t afford the gas for repeated treatments. This problem is compounded by steadily rising fuel costs.

The result? Tragically, some patients show up irregularly for chemotherapy or radiation. Even more tragically, some abandon treatment altogether.

The Pat Dyer Memorial Fund, with help from our providing partner Lassus Handy Dandy, provides gas cards to cancer patients who qualify for assistance.

“With cancer, there’s no such thing as a minor expense.”


Our History

Our History

The fund was founded by Bud Dyer, a father and husband of cancer patients. Unfortunately, both his daughter, Jenee, and his wife, Pat, lost their battle. While Pat was receiving treatment, she and Bud heard stories of struggle from other patients undergoing chemo. The cost and time it took to travel to multiple treatments a week was taxing in more ways than one. To help, the Dyer family began buying gas cards for people they had gotten to know through the course of Pat’s treatment.

Before Pat died, she asked Bud to do all that he could to help cancer patients with their transportation cost. He continued to buy cards and distribute them to patients through various medical facilities. In 2010 the Pat Dyer Memorial Fund – a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization – was founded to purchase and distribute gas cards, and to solicit funds from community members and organizations to extend the kindness of  Pat’s original notion.

Meet the Board

Julie Wilkens

Radiation Oncology Associates (Retired)

Tracy Busch
Vice President

Navigation Manager, Parkview Cancer Institute

Debi Kennedy

Parkview Health (Retired)

Jennie Gruber

Fort Wayne Medical Oncology and Hematology

Maggie Bakle
Marketing and Communications

Brotherhood Mutual

Veronica Bell

Lutheran Cancer Resource Center

Pam Flanagan

Community Advocate

David Prahl

Lincoln Financial Advisors (Retired)

Camellia Kahkola

JH Specialty

Stephanie Morningstar

Parkview Health

Breck Hunnicutt

PPG Nurse Practitioner, High Risk Clinic, Parkview Cancer Institute

Advisory Board

Glynda Harris

Radiation Oncology Associates (Retired)

Sreenivasa Nattam, MD

Fort Wayne Medical Oncology and Hematology

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is The Pat Dyer Memorial Fund?
The Pat Dyer Memorial Fund is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt organization that raises funds to offset travel costs to and from treatments for cancer patients.
Are donations made tax deductible?
Yes, cash donations to The Pat Dyer Memorial Fund are tax deductible.
How are donations to The Pat Dyer Memorial Fund used?
Donations made to The Pat Dyer Memorial Fund are used to purchase gas cards and bus passes that are then distributed to area healthcare providers to give to patients in need. A small percent of the funds raised go towards marketing materials such as brochure prints, t-shirts, pens and fundraising materials.
Are there any Pat Dyer Memorial Fund employees?
There are no paid employees for PDMF. All board members and Friends of Pat Dyer are 100% volunteer-based.
What is PDMF’s tax ID number?
If you are interested in donating to The Pat Dyer Memorial Fund, please use the following tax ID number: 36-4666679
Can I donate in honor or in memory of someone?
Yes, you can donate in honor or in memory of someone. The name of the person you are honoring will be listed under our Friends of Pat Dyer page.
What does being a Friend of Pat Dyer mean?
If you are a donor, sponsor, business partner, board member or volunteer with The Pat Dyer Memorial Fund, you are a Friend of Pat Dyer. We want to recognize everyone who makes our vision a reality and assists area cancer patients in continuing their treatments.
Where do I mail my donations?
If you are interested in mailing a donation, please send them to:

The Pat Dyer Memorial Fund
6041 Stellhorn Road, Box 15282
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46885

Can I donate online?
Yes, you can donate online. Click the top right “Donate” button on our website and donate through our PayPal system.


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